A Painful-but-Positive Little Rant.

If I had 1$  for every new acronym that the IT industry has sprouted over the past decade… I probably wouldn’t be writing this post today.

Don’t get me wrong – I myself and the company I work for ARE an ITXX acronym (or a few) – and from one acronym to another – I have nothing but appreciation for any ITXX innovation that has ever made my life easier and my job more efficient.

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2 thoughts on “ITSM, ITOM, ITPM – Thanks But -ITSATSTM!!

  1. Speaking of drowning in IT acronyms, in my last visit at some Gartner event I saw another newborn acronym “AIOps” that even though it’s not in the form of ITXX, it will probably plaster our screen as well 🙂


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